African Farmer 2.1.3 released

African Farmer is a free online game which simulates the experiences of smallholder farmers in Africa.
This latest release of the single player game features a new click select alternative to drag and drop, designed
to make item selection easier for touchpad users. There are also user interface refinements, code optimisations, and bug fixes.
Find out more and download the game here.

  • Single player Game

    The single player version of African Farmer allows you to play the game individually on a laptop or desktop computer, at home or on the move.
  • Multiplayer Game

    The multiplayer game is played by between 12 and 36 participants with a Game Manager - ideal for classroom settings and training.
  • About African Farmer

    African Farmer builds on a great history of educational games about agriculture. Read about why the game exists, where it comes from and who made it.
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