Single Player game (OLD)


African Farmer is available in two versions, a single player game and a multiplayer game.

In the single player game, you manage a farming household in rural Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Decide what to grow in the fields
  • Choose your family’s diet and look after their health
  • Buy food, fertilizer and seeds from the market
  • Watch out for chance events like bad weather, disease and price rises

As the seasons change, you can see the results of your decisions and adapt your strategy.

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Single Player Guide and Handy Guide

The Single Player guide includes a full description of the game flow,  the settings behind the game play and the user interface. The Handy Guide is a 2-page summary.


An interactive overview of the game. Click on the Contents menu (slide 3) to browse.

Other versions

African Farmer is also available in a multiplayer version for use in classrooms and training.  Read about the multiplayer game.

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