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In African Farmer you are responsible for managing a household and small farm in an African village.

You have some land and the labour resources of your household. You start the game with some cash and your household’s food requirements are covered for the first year. With these limited resources must:

  • Decide what to grow in the fields.
  • Buy seeds, fertilizer and other goods and services from the market.
  • Watch out for bad weather, crop diseases and other chance events.
  • Choose your family’s diet and look after their health and education.

As the seasons change, you can see the results of your decisions and adapt your strategy.

Version 2.1.3 Released

A new release of the game is now available for download.
Version 2.1.3 adds click select functionality as an alternative to drag and drop in the Market, Task Management, and Nutrition screens, making item selection easier for touchpad users. A config button has been added to the dashboard, enabling changes to the User Interface and Help settings during gameplay. See the Release Notes for a full list of the updates and bug fixes.

If you have African Farmer v2.0.2 or earlier installed on your computer, please uninstall before upgrading.


The single player game can be played on any Windows or Apple computer with the latest version of Adobe AIR installed. This can be downloaded from the Harman website. When AIR is installed, download and install the game:

The video tutorials can be viewed here if the Game Only installation is selected.


Single Player Guide: a comprehensive guide for players covering the user interface, game flow, game features and options.
Getting Started: a 4-page printable overview of the main screens, game flow, tasks and game options.
Educator Guide: an introduction to the game for educators which includes guidance on running a game workshop.
Video Tutorials: a series of short videos introducing key aspects of the game. Please note that in the tutorials drag and drop rather than the default click select method is used to manipulate game assets.
Release Notes: a list of the changes and bug fixes introduced with this release.


An interactive overview of the game. Click on the Contents menu (slide 4) to browse the slideshow.


Your feedback can help us improve the African Farmer Game. Please email your comments, suggestions and feedback on any problems you have to [email protected].

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